Why Choose OMNIMETRIX Remote Monitoring ?

In a word: reliability. Our wireless remote systems monitor standby power generation, backup power generators, remote powered equipment, cellular towers, emergency towered communications and remote tower sites all over the world. We watch your mission critical equipment 24 hours/day and alert you immediately of all alarm conditions. Whether you need assurance for your onsite generated power, standby power generator, or tower site monitoring needs, we are your solution. Our number one priority is to help our customers generate savings by preventing losses associated with utility failure. Watch the short 3-minute video above.

OMNIMETRIX systems are compatible with every major generator controller in production today, and our extensive diagnostics provide genset owners with every software tool available to provide peace of mind in the functionality of their remote equipment. With our historic performance reports and diagnostic analysis, generator owners can accurately pinpoint machines that could potentially fail to start due to routine maintenance needs. And no matter how far away the equipment is located — its real-time condition is as close as an internet connection — available 24 hours a day in an easy-to-read format, delivered directly to a desktop, laptop or phone.

OMNIMETRIX provides the Smart Service™ needed for easy equipment monitoring!


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